Mayflower II

In the 1950s, something must have been in the water, because all of a sudden, there was a movement afoot to put a replica of the Mayflower in the water. For one man to become obsessed with the idea of rebuilding the Pilgrim's famed ship, to throw all his time and money into that single-minded pursuit, well you could just chalk that up as weird, but weird in the way most things are weird. But for two men born during the last year of World War I to determine, at the same time but from opposite sides of the Atlantic, that in the wake of World War II they would build a Mayflower II come hell or high water… that’s cosmically weird.

This is the story of Warwick Charlton, Henry Hornblower II, and the ship they pulled out of the history books and put on the Atlantic.

Transcript here:!eb6d2