John Smith, Admiral of New England

We start our journey in 1614. Why 1614 and not 1620? This episode is part of a conscious effort we'll undertake over the next few episodes to account for all the stuff that had to happen before Plymouth Rock for Plymouth Rock to become so iconic.

First up is John Smith. Yes, Colors of the Wind John Smith. After Jamestown, Captain John Smith literally put New England on the map - he named the region and drew the definitive map of it, the one all the New England settlers (Bradford, Winthrop) would have known about as they made their way to the New World.

But John Smith is sort of persona non grata in New England because of a concerted effort on the part of New England historians during the Civil War to discredit him as the founder of Virginia - a stink which has sort of never worn off even though he's proven to be a pretty truthful guy. This is an episode about all that - about how John Smith wore New England, and how New England destroyed John Smith.