From England to New England: Prepare for Season 2

Boston Financial District skyline

Happy New Year, Iconographers! You may have noticed a bit of a longer than usual gap between episodes since Guy Fawkes; fear not, a new episode on Hercule Poirot and Agatha Christie is in progress, but an overseas move has severely slowed down the writing process. I hope to have that episode up this month.

"An overseas move?" you ask. Why yes, we moved from London in mid-December, spent some time with family in Florida over the holidays, and are moving to Boston next week (if the bomb cyclone will let us)! What does that mean for Iconography after the Poirot episode, considering how Britain-it's been to this point?

Well I plan to go on hiatus for a few months as I prep for Season 2 of Iconography. The beauty of this concept is that it was never meant to be restricted to the UK - it could go wherever I would go. In exploring the geography of icons, real and imagined, I could explore any geography. So in 2018, the focus of Iconography will shift from England to New England. I'll update this page more as Season 2 gets closer as I plan what Season 2 will look like. In the meantime, tell me what icons, you'd like to hear about in Season 2 - I'm all ears.