First Episode Is Up on iTunes

This is a big day folks. The Iconography Podcast is available on iTunes. 

So you know a bit about me, this is not my first foray into podcasting. But it is my first foray without someone much more tech-savvy then me accompanying me on the journey. I worked for many years on the Culture Conquistadors podcast, a film conversation podcast, and worked for a while on a spin-off, Context Sensitive, though I ever did get up the verve to put that one up on iTunes. 

But if you listen to the three episodes that exist of that podcast  you can hear the birth cries of this one. A lot of what I'm working on now was there - the reliance on quoting primary sources, the music and clips working in collage-like effect. I hope to perfect those aspects here while focusing on a lot of the same subjects I would have tackled in Context Sensitive - not just that something is popular, vexing, or aggravating, but also why? What in the constellation of things that preceded it, and in the melange of feelings that greeted it made it so.

Expect the next episode in mid-December: this one will be on the Remembrance Poppy. And then, after that, in time for Christmas: Scrooge.